Day 259

Not a bad shot

I took a good half-dozen photos with our camera on the trip up to see my mom and sister today, but took this with my cell phone on the way home. Let me tell you about the trip home.

I promised Cindy that I would take the Interstate driving home so that I could get home faster. That was a mistake. I got on I65 at Crown Point, and the traffic wasn’t bad. Around ten miles south of there it started to rain lightly, and traffic kept moving at a brisk pace. After another five miles the wind picked up and the high-profile vehicles started being pushed by the wind, so elements of the traffic stream stated to slow down. That was fine with me.

After another ten miles or so the wind dropped but the rain increased. Traffic started to bunch up, and that is when things started to go bad. For unknown (to me) reasons, the flow of traffic would drop speed, pick up speed, and drop speed even more. After awhile I realized that we were moving along at 35 miles per hour. Then we would increase speed to 45, and then drop back to 40. All the while traffic bunched up even more. I’m not sure how far we travelled at those speeds.

Eventually traffic started spreading out again. I was in the passing lane, attempting to go around a tank truck when the truck driver decided that he wanted to occupy the same space that my auto was in, and started to move into that lane. I hit my brakes as gently as I could, since the road was wet, and pulled over onto the shoulder. I was lucky that the car behind me saw what was happening and backed off. I got back on the highway, and when it was safe, moved into the right lane. I was ready to get off of the Interstate, so I took the next exit.

I got off on Indiana 24 and drove into Wolcott. I planned on catching 231 south from there. As luck would have it, 231 was closed south of town. I found myself on a deserted stretch of road. That’s where I took this picture. I couldn’t fit the entire rainbow in the picture. It was a perfect double rainbow, touching the ground on both ends. Well, after I took the picture I turned the car around, went back north, and got back on 24 which I took to Reynolds. From there I caught 43 and drove back to Lafayette and home.

Driving on the Interstate only added 45 minutes to my normal drive time.