Day 258

Yes, we have a house guest this weekend. Marlon had just opened his eyes and looked up at me as I took this photo. he loves to nap in my chair in the living room. When he is in the chair and awake, he can sit in the chair and keep watch out of the picture window. This gives him the opportunity to bark at the children and the other dogs that walk past our house. His problem is staying awake.

Earlier today I let him out into the backyard to do his duty. After staying out for about fifteen or twenty minutes he came to the back door to be let back in. Just as I opened the door for him, he took off like a shot and chased a black cat out of the yard. The cat made a mighty leap to get over the fence and got away. Marlon is a good dog, yes he is, he is a good good dog. Of course, after he finished with the cat he had to re-patrol the back yard and mark his territory again. I shouldn’t have to let him out again for a while.


It has started to rain, lightly. That’s making it a gloomy day. That’s also the reason I took a photo of Marlon; I didn’t want to go out. However, I may need to run and get snacks for tonight. Cindy is having her friends in to play Old Maid, and I hide out upstairs so I don’t have to strain to hear the TV or music over their voices. They do talk loudly. It is going to be a two or three movie night. I just have to decide what I want to watch.


I was doing some unfocused web surfing earlier today, just searching a word at random and letting the matches lead me one place or another. That’s how I came across a term I hadn’t heard before, beef clod. It turns out that this is another term for chuck. The things you learn.