Day 256

Rocks and gravel

As you can tell, I had absolutely no inspiration for a photo today. That being he case, you get a blown up photo of a pile of rubble. I hope the words are better.


To bring you up to date, the leftover squash was better than the fresh cooked the night earlier. This time I cut up the squash, added some ground cloves and allspice, and zapped it in the microwave. While I’m not going to print off the recipe for friends, they deserve better, it was good enough to try again.


Cindy called me forty-five minutes ago to tell me she had invited people over for dinner. It’s like something from a movie in the 1950’s, only I’m the housewife and Cindy was the executive bucking for a promotion. I dutifully scrapped my plans (I hadn’t thawed enough food for more than two people) and went to the store to buy chicken for frying. I anticipate that more people will be coming than she has told me about. We’ll see.


I was right. There were more people than I was told. I’m glad I bought extra chicken. The guests just left, and the Vice Presidential debate is starting in ten or twelve minutes, so I’m cutting things short tonight. Enjoy the debate! 

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