Day 255


We have had so much good weather that I am spoiled. I could spend all day outside enjoying the sun. Driving in the county is so relaxing. I love it.


I admit that I am listening to smooth jazz as I sit here. I’m not much of a smooth jazz fan, but today it sounds OK, and it isn’t putting me to sleep. I’m more a fan of West Coast Jazz, Big Band, Bebop, and Funk. Today, however, I’m listening to an old anthology album titled Blue Note Salutes Motown. It is relaxing, but not drowse inducing. I guess I won’t give it to the library after all.


Normally I only brag about my culinary achievements, but now it is time for another confession. I cooked the butternut squash last night…it didn’t turn out good as I had hoped. I didn’t throw it out, I’ll be eating the leftovers, and I’m willing to try it again in another week or so…but I didn’t cook it long enough and it tasted bland. I just did a simple bake (underbaked actually) with butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt & pepper. It needed more cooking time and more seasoning. Next time it will be better…I hope.


 Buying the finch feeder was one of my better moves this year. When I first hung it this spring it took two days before the first finch found it. By the end of that week there were two finches feeding there. The next week there were three. Yesterday when I looked out at it while getting my coffee I saw five finches feeding and two more waiting patiently to get at the thistle seeds. I’ve ben wondering if the finches migrate in the winter, but a quick google shows that we live in the year-round range. That’s good news for me, because I like to watch them from the kitchen window. Of course the kitchen is one of my favorite rooms. I’ll be going there soon.

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