Day 253

A cheery smile that reflects my own

The first Halloween inflatables were spied by me last week. Today I took a photo of one that was on my route home from the library. The sunshine added to my good cheer, so I didn’t mumble about it being too early for decorating. I’ll start putting things out next week, and all of my decorations are inside. Most of them have been gifts over the years. I like the holiday because of the kids who come trick or treating in their cute costumes.


I went in to have my right eye zapped with the laser this morning. There isn’t much to talk about after describing things in detail last Monday. I just have a few notes.

Once again they asked that we keep our eye closed after putting in the drops so that the dilation would happen in a shorter amount of time. Today I kept both eyes closed because I can’t read with just my left eye; not since the macrodegeneration that happened a few years ago. Also, The waiting area is pretty blah looking, no interesting prints on the walls, no interesting stains on the carpet, and no pretty young nurses hanging around. The other patients weren’t all that interesting either. Let’s face it, you have a room full of older people sitting with their eyes closed and their isn’t much going on except soft snoring. I did hear one woman say to a nursing assistant, “You should check that can, it just sprayed me.” That conjured a lot of images.

When I was moved into the staging area I learned a that they use a smart brand of tissues. there are two colors of tissue, white and yellow. The yellow tissues are at the bottom of the box, and signal that a new box will be needed soon. That’s smart. I also learned that the nurse in the staging area has hot flashes, and was suffering with them this morning. I didn’t care to know that, but she felt like she should share that information with everyone who was there to get an eye worked on. Some days are like that.

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