Day 251

In a field of rusted equipment

This field is pretty much a treasure trove if you like photos of scrapped equipment, and I do. I’ll be going back for more pictures. I’m looking forward to taking some shots when there is snow on the ground.


I was listening to Suzy Bogguss’ album Swing this morning. I always thought she was just another Country Western singer until I bought her album of folk music, American Folk Songbook. I bought that album because I was given the book that was written around those songs. I was impressed. A few weeks later I came across the album Swing in the library. I checked it out, brought it home and played it. I was impressed. I believe I’ll try one of her CW albums to see if it impresses me.


I spent part of this afternoon watching the movie Fletch, one of my favorites. It has a good script made better by Chevy Chase’s ad libs. The rest of the cast is good as well. I remember that the first time I watched the movie I was surprised when the teenaged car thief was Jim-Bob Walton (David W. Harper). It was a good afternoon.

I haven’t tried the butternut squash yet, though Bob sent me an easy recipe to try. Cindy’s gang came over tonight for their bi-weekly Go Fish game. I thought it was going to be at someone else’s house, and I was going to try the squash. I had to go to two different stores to find one. The first store had an empty bin where the butternut’s had been. I almost bought an acorn squash instead, but I’ll save that for another try. Well, I’m sure I’ll have a chance to cook it one night next week. I’ll go for the simple recipes first, but I’m already getting ideas for variations. Maybe I watched too many episodes of Iron Chef over the years.