Day 250

This barn needs a paint job

In was able to get this shot between rainfalls. It was drizzling when I took the picture. You can tell the barn is wet.

Once things dry out a bit, I’ll start raking leaves. Between the drought and now the rain, the leaves are starting to come down. I also need to cut the grass again, so I’ll be mulching the leaves while I can.


I thought I had put the whole irritation with the Williamson Eye Institute behind me. I was no longer upset by being treated like a doddering old fool. Last night I received the automated phone call reminding me of my laser surgery on Monday and telling me to be there at 8:30. Standard procedure; I get one of those calls before every appointment. What upsets me is that they felt it necessary to have a live person call me this morning to remind me of the time of my appointment. I did not go off on the young woman who called. I’ll give it twenty-four hours, and if I am still upset, I’ll be writing a negative letter to Good Doctor Williamson who makes sure a positive spin is put on everything they do at the clinic. I would call him a self-aggrandizing toad, but that would probably be libelous…and he still has to work on my right eye…no sense in ticking him off before that occurs.


Cindy came home and had lunch with me. I enjoyed her company and she enjoyed eating some of the spaghetti that was left over from dinner last night. If she would come home more often I would cook hot meals for us. With autumn here and winter coming, hot meals for lunch are especially welcome. I may experiment on myself with some new dishes on the days she doesn’t come home. I have never cooked squash, but I’m ready to try. I believe I’ll pick up a butternut squash (are they in season?) this weekend and try it for myself. If I like it maybe I can talk Cindy into trying it.