Day 249

Barn in Buck Creek

It was a beautiful morning for a drive. Rather than going south, as I normally do, I decided to head north. I should do it more often because there are many places I could photograph. I may go that way again tomorrow.


I was listening to the 1946 recording of Jazz At The Philharmonic this morning. The concert was recorded a year before I was born and it still holds up today. Great artists playing great music. When Oh, Lady Be Good came on I almost pulled the car over so I could pay strict attention to the music. Unfortunately I was on a narrow county road with very little shoulder. Pulling over wasn’t practical. Charlie Parker gets most of the praise on this cut, but other musicians were also fine. The bassist, Billy Hadnott, takes a great solo. When I first heard it I realized again that the bass can be a really good front line instrument. I had heard a few other excellent bass solos by Eugene Wright, Ben Tucker, Eldee Young and Charles Mingus.  This morning the solo seemed impressive, but then, it always does, no matter how many times I listen to it.


I popped in a DVD of Into The Night the other morning. I hadn’t watched the movie for many years. That was the first movie I can remember seeing that starred Michelle Pfeiffer. I became a fan almost immediately, not because of her acting skills, though I think she shines, but because she was so darned good-looking. I’m weak. The, approximately, two seconds of nudity didn’t hurt either. Part of the fun of watching the movie was picking out all of the people who had small parts in the film. I was able to identify Dan Akroyd, Carl Perkins, David Bowie, Roger Vadim, and Richard Farnsworth the first time through. Many other actors looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure who they were. Tuesday morning, when I watched it, time had taken a toll on my memory and fewer people looked familiar. Glancing through the credits a few more names popped out at me. One actors I recognized this time around was Bruce McGill. In the movie he was the Elvis imitator. It took a few minutes to recognize him (we’ve both grown older) but nowadays he plays Detective Vince Korsak on Rizolli & Isles. John Landis, the director, also plays one of the bumbling SAVAK agents. There are others whose name I recognized when I watched the credits.

The other thing I like about the movie is the music by BB King. Bonnie Raitt also recorded the theme to the movie on her 9th, and final, album for Warner Brothers. The album didn’t gt great reviews, but I certainly like it.