Day 247

I found another barn

I went out and found another barn that was photogenic. I did it in part to work off some steam that I picked up at the optometrist’s office. More about that later.

The first thing I noticed when I went into the waiting area of the doctor’s office was that many older people had cataract surgery the day before. I could tell because there were a lot of people sitting there who had a patch on one eye. I remember that well. I was glad my appointment was for 8 a.m.

While I waited I couldn’t help overhearing conversations that were going on. Sop many of those old people are hard of hearing and speak loudly. It’s not like I was trying to listen, but I learned a few things.

The first thing I learned was that two women and a man were had started a conversation before I arrived. I picked up on it at the point where the woman who was there with her husband was asking the other woman, “You have any kids?” The answer was two. The follow-up question was, “By him?” The answer was yes, but I don’t know if she was talking about a husband, lover, or tramp on the street. It doesn’t pay to come in late.

The next thing I learned was that steroid shots in the eye aren’t worth it. They don’t do any good. The husband and wife team were sure of this. I’m not sure why they thought the other woman needed to know that piece of info.

She countered with the observation that the shingles shot is not worth the pain involved with the injection; it hurt too much; they had just jabbed it in her arm. And why? Just because she had chicken pox when she was a kid. And besides that, it cost $600.

The woman with the husband in tow upped the ante by declaring that she had talked her husband out of getting a tetanus booster and as pneumonia shot. They weren’t worth it.

She went on to reveal that she and her son are both on blood pressure medicine. I don’t know about her, but I think I know why the son needs to control his blood pressure. She obviously thinks that medicine is worth it.

They went on to talk about some of the staff in the center. I didn’t catch the name, but both women agreed that a female doctor in the joint was a looker. As one of them put it, “She must run. She had a good-looking body.” The other woman agreed. My name was called at that point so I didn’t get to hear opinions on the rest of the staff.

The first young woman took me back to a room where she checked my vision, checked my eye pressure, and put drops in my left eye to dilate it. Then she put me in the waiting area that has dimmed lighting.

A few minutes later another young woman came in with my chart and asked me if I was aware that my appointment was for 10:30. I told her that my discharge papers from yesterday said I was scheduled for 8. She told me that the doctors were checking all of the cataract patients first, but she would get me in as quickly as she could. I figured I would be there a while because I know they did fourteen cataract surgeries per day. Still, she came and got me just a few minutes later saying that the one of the doctors would see me as soon as she could. As we were walking to the room the young woman asked me when my nest laser surgery was taking place. Strange question since they do them all on Monday mornings, but I told her I was supposed to be there at 8:30 on Monday. She agreed.

I was installed in a room where the doctor would see me. I assumed I would be waiting for a while, but was pleasantly surprised that she came in just a few minutes later. This was obviously the doctor who ran. She checked my eye, declared it in fine shape, and then asked me if I knew when I would be coming back for the next laser treatment. Did she think I was dotty? Of course I knew, so I told her 8:30 on Monday. She agreed. As she left the room, she said that an assistant would be coming in to finish the paper work.

I waited a few minutes and another young woman came in and made some entries on my digital record. When she finished she asked me if I knew when I would be coming back. That’s when the steam started coming out of my ears and nose. However, rather than comment on her simpering condescending tone of voice, I told her 8:30 on Monday. She enthusiastically agreed, as if I had leaped and caught the frisbee with┬ámy teeth. That’s why I went for the drive and found the barn. I can’t wait to get a customer satisfaction survey.