Day 245

Sunday morning farmhouse

The white paint helps dispel any depression over the drought. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. It does seem to be a more cheerful place than many other farms. Brightness helps me maintain my cheerful outlook on life. I can hear Cindy laughing at the thought of me having a cheerful outlook. It is a work in progress.


I’m listening to the Jesse Colin Young album On The Road while struggling for words today. This is another album that has grown on me over the years. I became a fan when he was with The Youngbloods and expected this album to be an extension of that sound. It isn’t, but had merit of its own. At first I spent most of my time listening to Sunlight, Corinna, and What’s Going On/Mercy Mercy Me, mainly because I was familiar with those songs. With time I came to appreciate The Peace Song and Walkin’ Off the Blues just as much. Now I like the entire album. That raises the question of has my taste in music improved, deteriorated, or just expanded. I don’t know, and it probably doesn’t matter.


I have been searching the CBS website to see if they have posted a video from today’s Sunday Morning show. The lead story was about people and their relationship with their cell phones. Two statistics have stuck with me. First, 90% of U.S. citizens have a cell phone. The second statistic was related to a study conducted worldwide with young cell phone users. They were asked to not use their cell phone for twenty-four hours. Here’s the statistic: 70% of the participants dropped out of the study before the 24 hours were up. Then they talked about how many people are on their cell while watching tv. When they said that, Cindy looked up from her cell, glanced at the screen, and then checked to see if I was watching her. Of course I was watching her. I smiled and she smiled somewhat ruefully. Then she went back to the BINGO game on her cell.

Oh, I haven’t found the video yet. If it shows up I’ll add in link to it in a future post.