Day 244

Caffeine depot

 I don’t now why I ever buy coffee here. It tastes bad, and yet I stop and buy a cup every few weeks. I usually make coffee at home and carry it with me, but not every day. Today I bought a cup of bad coffee. I shan’t do that again in the near future.


There is a series on CineMax named Strike Back that I watch.I’m not sure why I watch it because there is a lot of gratuitous violence and occasional graphic fake sex. Still, I like the show. I particularly like the theme song by a group named The Heavy. The song is Short Change Hero, and it is the best theme I’ve heard since A3’s Woke Up This Morning, the theme from The Sopranos. I’ll definitely be downloading music from The Heavy.


The first time I saw the word defenestration it was standing alone; there was no context. My mind immediately decided that the definition was the act of removing body hair. I have no idea where that came from. As I’m sure you know, it actually means the act of throwing someone out of a window. I am still somewhat surprised that there is a technical term for that occurrence. What is more surprising is that when I googled the term I found out that the term is often related to the city of Prague, Czechoslovakia. Evidently there have been two official “Defenestrations of Prague,” and other unofficial defenestrations in that storied city. Who would have guessed?

Stephen Colbert made me realize a somewhat curious use of words a few nights ago. When talking about the Emmy awards he said that he had lost. How often do you hear that about an award that someone does not get? Instead of saying that they lost, they say, if anything, that they did not win. I suppose that helps assuage the hurt. It also says something about ego.

Finally on the subject of words, when did it become politically incorrect to say that a woman is a lady? Every time I run a spelling/grammar check on a document I am coaxed to change lady to woman. The world continues to change around me. That’s probably for the best.


Oh, I think, maybe, I’ve worked out a way to get my photos posted. I know I’ve said that before, but today I think I have succeeded. Check out Days 242 and 243 to see if you can see the pictures. I saw them when I looked on my cell phone…I think that means success.