Day 241

I’ve been to the store, guess what I bought.

Some days fruit is all you want. Or at least there are days when fruit is all I want. Today I picked up bananas, pears, grapes and oranges to go along with the apples we already have and a watermelon that I haven’t cut yet. Right now a fruit salad and a bowl of soup sounds good for dinner. I have a few hours yet, so I might change my mind.


One of the good things about a library is that you can check out music cds and decide if you like an artist without committing to purchasing the album. I decided to try an artist named Sharon Dressen McKnight when I went to the library the other day. I found two albums by her in the folk music section. I’m listening now, and I’m enjoying the music. The songs appear to have been recorded here in Lafayette though many of them seem to have originated in Minnesota. I’ve tried googling her, but have come up empty so far. I can see that I need to do more research.

The other cd I borrowed from the library is The Essential Doc Watson. These songs come from when Doc Watson was recording for Vanguard. I belive it was first released on vinyl in the early 1970’s. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I am pretty sure that I will enjoy it. I can’t imagine not liking it.


I just checked the upcoming IU Men’s basketball schedule. The first game will be on November 1st against Bryant University. It looks like the game will be streamed on the Internet, so I  will probably skip it. I don’t like watching television on the Internet. I guess I’m just too picky for words, unless those words are picky, picky, picky. That’s me.

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