Day 240

A few trees’ leaves are starting to change

It didn’t take long for autumn to start changing the leaves. The drought probably had something to do with it as well. I can’t say I’m not ready for autumn, because I am.


Where shall I start today? I was listening to Ian & Sylvia this morning, So Much For Dreaming was the album. I underappreciated that album when I first bought it on vinyl. Back then I believed that the only appropriate instruments for playing folk music were acoustic guitars, banjos, bass’, and occasionally mandolin and autoharp. o when I bought the album I was dismayed to hear drums and even an orchestra on some cuts. Even at that, two of my all time Ian & Sylvia songs are on that album, Wild Geese and Summer Wages. I’ve found that as I age, or maybe as I mature, I enjoy albums that I didn’t like so much when I first bought them. Also, I’ve opened myself up to more types of music over the years. I find it harder to distinguish among the different types of music because there is so much overlap. That’s a good thing.


Yesterday morning I considered making snide comments about some of the news items crawling across the bottom of the screen on MSNBC. I had planned on giving you my opinion, in a snarkish manner, about the death of the baby panda, but then decided that I was just being mean. Then there was the blurb about a study that claimed corporate leaders are overpaid. Why comment on that? Most people believe that point already. Maybe I’m mellowing out.

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