Day 239

This isn’t Dogpatch

It has been another beautiful, sunny autumn day. I spent a good part of the morning just cruising around neighborhoods I don’t normally go through; hence this photo. It just adds to the feeling I’ve been having all day that it is good to be retired.

Those feelings started this morning while I was watching the news with Cindy. I have been skipping the morning news and watching Morning Joe on weekdays, but I thought I would be sociable  today. I figured out that one of the reasons I have been skipping the Indy news show is that they have traffic reports. Watching those reports became part of my daily schedule when I was commuting to work in Indy. It became a habit that I carried on even when I came back to work in Lafayette. The report this morning made me realize how much I had come to dislike work. Twenty-nine years of working for the state was at least five years too many. You couldn’t pay me enough to ever go back to that kind of life.

Another reminder of my current happiness came when the subject of teacher performance appraisal came up on Morning Joe. It made me think of doing and receiving performance appraisals when I worked for the state. Doing them was never something that I enjoyed, even when I was giving someone a good appraisal. The State’s system was a good one when used correctly. The bad news was that we were mandated to write comments on just about every measure you used. I don’t like being told that I have to write a comment. I know others felt the same way, because my last supervisor had stock comments that she used for everyone…so meaningful.

The third reminder of my happiness came this afternoon when I was able to just sit in an easy chair, listening to a jazz cd, alternately reading a book and dozing in the chair. I couldn’t have done that while working, though I knew a few people who were able to get away with it. I’ll mention no names. Yes. It is good to be retired!

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