Day 238

A quiet Sunday morning

Bob Gibson (the folksinger, not the hall of fame pitcher) or Captain Beyond? That was my musical choice this morning. I took this quiet picture while listening to Rampaging River Of Fear by Captain Beyond. Of course I listened to Trouble In Mind by Bob Gibson shortly before driving to this peaceful spot. If you know the lyrics to that song you realize how that song fits with this picture.


Here is a sign of our times. My grandson Mason has been talking about getting an upgraded cell phone for months. A couple of days ago he posted on Facebook that he had his new phone. He listed the number and wrote “Text me.” Not call me, text me. It’s just another example of the fact that a cell phone is really a hand-held computer that you can use to make telephone calls if you’re really retro. I guess yu can also use it to take pictures. That makes it a true multi-tasking tool, or an inanimate (unless it is set on vibrate) Jack-of-all-Trades. And yet, I still don’t feel like I’ve left the twentieth century.


Never mind that before each new autumn season of television the individual series claim that the critics are calling each show the best new show of the season. Yesterday I think I heard the “best” copy for a new show. I don’t have the exact words, but it was pretty much, “Tune in for the premier, it will be an all-new episode.” Really? I never would have guessed. I not only wonder about the person who wrote the words, but also the person or people who said, “Yes! That’s what we want to say because the typical tv viewer will be swayed by those words.”


An observation: The actor Timothy Cumberbatch would make a great Dr. Who, though he may well not want the part. I really enjoy his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.

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