Day 237

Color on the walls

I have been changing the wall decor in our office recently. I’ve added more comic book related posters. The posters have been in my possession for many years, but I just got around to framing a few of them. On the far left is a poster advertising Whisper, one of my favorite comics. Whisper is one of the few series I would not want to part with. I have many that are probably worth more, but only monetarily.

To the right of Whisper is an advertising poster for Echo of Futures Past. This was an anthology type magazine, with story arcs from different writers and artists. I particularly like this poster because the art is by Michael Golden.

Next is a poster for The Badger. The concept of the hero of this book was different for its time, in that the hero was mentally unbalanced. While many heroes have that problem, this book made it abundantly clear that the Badger was off his rocker. Still, he was a hero. The comic started with good writing and fine artwork, but as time went on the artists changed and the art deteriorated. I stayed with the book because the writing was good, but when it started going downhill I abandoned the title.

Finally there is a poster for Revengers: Starring The Ultimate Man Megalith. I bought the first issue, based on the cover by Neal Adams. I don’t believe I bought a second issue because I was not impressed by the writing in the first issue. But, you know, Neal Adams art on the poster made it worth framing and hanging.


In case you are wondering why this post is coming so late today, and why I’m using this picture, well…you see, I’ve been in a cranky mood most of the day, and I didn’t get out to take a picture. I was also afraid that if I started composing earlier, I would have been whining about things that you might find childish. Cindy told me that I let myself get upset things that were “nothing.” Maybe. But I think we have different definitions of “nothing.”