Day 236

The best photo I took today

I’m glad I went out to take pictures first this morning, because I had a number of errands to run today. I had to go out more times than I had anticipated because I couldn’t find everything I needed in one place. By the time I finished it had started to sprinkle, so it is good that I took the photo before I ran the errands.

Among the things I needed to get were a prescription for me, snacks for me, jigsaw puzzles for Maely and Emma, pop for Cindy, and DVDs for the girls and Cindy. I thought I could get most of those things at CVS, but I was wrong. I got the prescription and my snacks there, but none of the specific things Cindy wanted were available there. They didn’t even have jigsaw puzzles in the toy section. I figured I could get the puzzles and pop at Wal-Mart, so that was my next stop.

The Wal-Mart I chose to go to was near and it has six or seven aisles of toys. The only jigsaw puzzles they had were for toddlers, not seven-year old girls. There was a woman with a young child wandering through the toy aisles. The child, I think it was a boy, kept pointing and loudly saying, “Zatun, Mummy, zatun. Zatun, Mummy, zatun. Zatun, Mummy, zatun,” and so on, and so on, and so on. I don’t know how she tuned him out; perhaps she was deaf. She just kept slowly walking the toy aisles with her child in the cart.

I was able to get one of the types of pop that Cindy wanted while I was at Wal-Mart, but they didn’t have, or I couldn’t find the second type. I gave up and went home to eat lunch and take a fifteen minute nap.

Back on the streets I went first to the video store and rented the two movies Cindy wanted for the girls. From there I went to the grocery store and got the second brand of pop. Moving on I went to Toys ‘Я Us and found two 300 piece jigsaw puzzles for the girls to work on. Missions accomplished!

So ends another day in the life of a retired gent, except for all of the stuff that I did for myself. Maybe I’ll give you insight into that some other time.