Day 232

Almost in the middle of a cornfield

I’m not sure what this is, but it is north of town, near the river, almost in a cornfield. It looks better in person. Most places do.


This is another day of not being sure what to post in the way of words. I’m sure I’ll come up with something, but it may take most of the day. I suppose I’ll start with something I heard on television this morning. babe Buchanan was talking about Mitt Romney this morning but verbally committed a pronoun error, or maybe it is a number error, or both.¬†She said, of Romney, “He wants people to tell him what he thinks.” I guess there was one other option, she meant exactly what she said, but since she works for his campaign, I doubt it.


We are going to a memorial service for our friend Renita¬†Shaw this evening. I planned on completing the post by then, but Cindy just informed me that we are going out for dinner before the service. It looks to me that this post will be shorter than I had planned. Perhaps tomorrow’s post will be longer. At any rate, the service is more important than the post.