Day 230

The Big Swing Band

I took this photo this afternoon in Brookston at the Apple & Popcorn Festival. Cindy and I go most years. We know the drummer in th band…does that sound like a cliché? They are a good band, mainly playing music from the swing era, plus a lot of Sinatra/Basie arrangements and Bobby Darin hits. I think they get better every year.

Watching and listening to the band today put me in mind of my post yesterday about Jaimee Paul in a mind meandering sort of way. Here’s how I made the connection:

Let’s go back to our drummer friend, John. Many years ago Cindy and I were in a mixed bowling league where we bowled on Sunday evenings. Cindy’s friend Shirley, John’s wife, mentioned to Cindy that John would be sitting in with a group that was playing in a hotel lounge in West Lafayette on Sunday night. Cindy knew that I love jazz, so we decided to go and listen after bowling the next Sunday night. Roger Priest was the group leader, playing the saxophone. It was good jazz and we returned on many Sunday nights after that.

Roger Priest also was a DJ on Purdue’s WBAA AM Radio station, where he hosted a jazz show. I listened to his show often. One day I was a listening and he played a song that I couldn’t get out of my head. The next time I listened he played the song again. The second time I paid attention to how he announced it. It was from an album by Nino Tempo, of Nino Tempo & April Stevens fame (OK, you have to be old to remember them). The song was Masquerade but I didn’t catch the name of the female vocalist. I looked for the cd in the record store, and found it. I bought the album and took it home where I discovered the vocalist’s name was Rachelle Capelli.

In case you are wondering how this ties in with my post yesterday, well, I bought the first Jaimee Paul album because I heard her on two songs on a free jazz sampler album that I found on I bought one album and liked it so much I bought a second album.

Anyway, the parallels between how I first heard Rachelle Capelli and Jaimee Paul came to mind because I started thinking about John and…well, you know. By the way, I bought a Rachelle Capelli album after listening to her sing Masquerade, but I didn’t like it and gave it away. I didn’t say the parallel ran on forever.