Day 229

I love this house

This is another picture of the house that I showed on Day 150, but it is taken from another angle. I am usually driving south on this street and that’s the angle from which I took the Day 150 shot, but today I was driving north and as I passed the house, looking to the west, this is what I saw. It looked like a different house to me today.


I put the Pete Seeger DVD back in the machine this morning and watched the special features. They were great. One segment had three songs performed by Huddie Leadbetter. They are supposed to be the only filmed performances by him. Another segment was a tv report of Seeger’s visit to Australia in 1963. It was kind of funny because the narrator identified one song being sung as The Hammer Song which is the original name of the song most of us know as If I Had A Hammer. That’s OK, but Seeger was singing John Henry. The narrator was probably confused because he laid down his hammer and he died. The next song was identified as My Blue-Eyed Son but it was really A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall. Finally the narrator was telling how Pete Seeger can always get an audience to sing along, which is true, but when they showed a shot of the audience, no one was singing. I thoroughly enjoyed that segment.

*** has been running specials on specials on jazz albums this week. I’ve taken advantage of few that have been on sale. I sampled a few songs on a Jaimee Paul album. I had never heard her before, but the song selection looked good. I was impressed with her voice and the arrangements. I downloaded the entire album, Melancholy Baby, and after playing it I went to eMusic and downloaded another, At Last. Most of the songs are standards or songs that I know, and I’m glad I’ve added these versions to my music collection. Plus there are some songs that are new to me that I’ve enjoyed listening to. I recommend Jaimee Paul to anyone who likes ballad singers.