Day 228

Near downtown Lafayette

I saw this place on my way to the library from dropping off Cindy. It is a loading dock at Lafayette Tent and Awning. Shabby but not chic.


As if I needed another reminder (I didn’t), yesterday realized once more that I’m turning in to my dad as I grow older. Cindy;’s cold is worse than mine was. Her cold spread to her chest while mine did not. I knew she needed a decongestant and that we had one in the house. I went straight to it. It was in my nightstand, not the medicine cabinet, the nightstand. That’s when it hit me. Dad’s nightstand had all types of medicinal things in it, and when I looked in mine, well yu know what I found.

It started out with band-aids. I started keeping band-aids in my nightstand because when the were in the medicine cabinet the grandkids would need one and take five or more, so there was never one available when I needed it. So band-aids went into the nightstand. Then it was cold pills so I wouldn’t have to get out of bed when I needed them. I also added NyQuil around that time. When I started having trouble with my former toe, I added bandages and tape and neosporin. I was using so much stuff I eventually put a fully stocked first aid kit in the nightstand, along with more band-aids; you can’t have too many band-aids. Dad would be proud.


It is overcast today, not sunny and bright, so it is easier to work on today’s post. I am not giving in to the siren call of lovely weather. It is pleasant outside, so I will be going out when I finish working on this. I may even do a little work in the yard, but cutting the grass is a chore for tomorrow.


I gave in to temptation today and bought a new sport’s coat. It isn’t the color I originally wanted, they didn’t have that in my size, but it is a good coat. It was on sale and we had a discount coupon, so it was a good deal. I’m happy now.