Day 227

View while waiting for Cindy

I chose to take this photo while waiting to pick up Cindy when she got off work today. It has been another day when I had to drag myself to the keyboard because it is so beautiful outside. I also seem to be having trouble thinking clearly. I went to look for my idea notes for today’s post, but found myself looking in my wallet rather than  on my cell phone. Well, I have the notes now. Let’s see what I have. Sadly, I don’t have much to relate today.


Cindy and I were visiting Flo in the nursing home the other day. I was carrying in boxes of her clothes and other belongings. On one trip through the halls I heard an aide say six words to a person that I hope no one ever has to say to me, “Can I clean your bottom? Please?” I know that many of us get to a point in life where we can’t fend for ourselves, and that it must be a sad point in time. I normally have an upbeat attitude, though cynical, but I’m not sure how I would feel about not being able to do basic things for myself. I used to think that being blind would be the worst thing that could happen to me, but now I’m not so sure.


On a different topic, I was thinking today, not for the first time, that I wish I had it in be to be an intellectual. Thinking about life on campus brought that thought about, I’m sure. The problem is that I’m too much of a surface grazer to delve into deep thoughts. I used to read thought provoking books with interest, but when I do that now my biggest interest seems to be in how many more pages there are. That doesn’t stop me from trying. My reading habits seem to go in cycles, so maybe I’ll move away from the mysteries, fantasy books and historical novels that have filled my shelves in recent years. Maybe…but no promises.