Day 226

It doesn’t look quite this good in person

The colors didn’t turn out very good in the picture, so I played around with it a bit, and that is obvious. I kind of like how this doctored photo turned out.


It took a long time for me to get around to the keyboard today. The weather is just perfect. When I combine the weather to the time of year I just want to sit outside and daydream about my days at IU in Bloomington. I’ve felt this way today and yesterday. If I put on Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited album, I would be diving headfirst into nostalgia, and might not come up for air any time soon. As it is I have to force myself off of the front porch where I sit with a stupid grin on my face and visions of IU in my mind. Ah, the campus, the coeds, and even the classrooms come back in delightful memories. I think this is a sign of growing older. The past seems great, even though I know there were times when it wasn’t.

I mentioned Dylan’s album. A few others that I bought and listened to my first year in Bloomington were Sinatra’s Sinatra ’65, Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Countdown: Time In Outer Space, Peter, Paul & Mary’s In The Wind, and Meet the Beatles (mono version) by…wait for it…The Beatles. I’m sure I bought a few other albums, but I don’t remember what they were. Those five will always be classics in my mind. I still love listening to them, though I’ve graduated to a stereo version of Meet The Beatles.

I would love to be in Bloomington today in this great weather. Walking around campus would be glorious. Of course, as a freshman who was learning his way around, for the first week or so I trotted around campus, trying to get to class on time. I loved it so much there that I barely felt any homesickness. It’s good that I’m nt working anywhere, because I would get precious little done while I’m in this mood. It’s time to go back onto the porch.