Day 225

For swatting pesky Boiler Makers

Thanks Trina, JR & grandkids for the swatter. It will come in handy.


Late Saturday night we got a call from Trina telling us that her brother, Lee had taken about a twelve-foot fall with his BMX bike. There were some conflicting reports on what the injuries were, but it seems that due to his helmet, he was spared worse injuries. He has a broken wrist, he dislocated a finger, he has a gash in his arm, he broke or knocked out one tooth and may lose another. We’ll find out later this week if he will have to have surgery on his wrist. It was a bad accident, but it could have been much worse.


I love the Pete Seeger DVD that I bought for myself. I watched the concert portion so far, but haven’t gotten around to the special features yet. It was really something to see how he won over the audience in Australia. At the beginning of the concert they were sitting quietly, watching him perform. By the end of the concert they were singing along enthusiastically. I think the shift in momentum truly came when he was teaching them to yodel along to Way Out There. There was a woman sitting behind him on the stage who was wearing a winter coat buttoned to the throat, a head scarf, and gloves. She never removed them, and didn’t seem interested in being there, but by the end she was singing along with everyone else. It is a great DVD. I hope that more like this one are released.


We spent $500 to have Cindy’s car repaired. We picked it up on Friday. On Saturday Cindy went to have breakfast with friends. When she left the restaurant her car wouldn’t start. It was the same problem she had originally. I can hardly wait to find out how much more it will cost this time.

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