Day 224

Where is Trina?

I was watching Sunday Morning on CBS this morning…because it was Sunday morning, and I almost always watch Sunday Morning on Sunday morning. That makes sense. Anyway, Traci Smith was interviewing Elijah Wood and they said something about the person he is and was and, well you’ve seen tv interviews. It started me thinking about what would people say about me, especially those people I grew up around. I’m guessing they would say that I was a quiet, introverted, let us cause no trouble kind of person. Little do they know that I have always been a closet bad boy. Well, maybe closet mischievous boy is closer to the truth. I’m the kind of person who plays a prank on somebody but doesn’t want anyone to know that I played the prank. Sometimes the person who has been pranked doesn’t know that anything has happened. I am so subtle.

Now it can be, and will be told. I am the person behind sending love letters to your office, knowing the secretary would open and read the letters  from a fictitious person. I changed your online information so that you couldn’t find your profile. I am the one who made up gossip about you and saw to it that it was spread all over the state. I am soooo bad…or mischievous…and subtle, very subtle.


Cindy and I went out to Trina and JR’s today. That’s where today’s photo was taken. We had delicious filet mignon with sautéed peppers and onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta salad, and a desert that made me hide my blood glucose testing kit. Tomorrow will be soon enough to test. I came home with a bag full of IU items. I may have to set up a separate room to display everything. If the grandkids could just get along better, I would be a much happier person. I love each of them for the person each one is. I wish they could recognize that in each other.


I was not making a political statement in the Day 223 post when I mentioned Mitt Romney’s funny walk. I’m not that subtle. I was merely recounting something that has drawn my attention. It is neither good nor bad. I think of it much as I think of Cindy Crawford’s mole. It draws your eye, but you soon realize that there is much more worth looking at. Still, you are aware of it.