Day 223- Updated

My favorite store

This cold, or rather the cold medicine has me wiped. Check back tomorrow and I’ll update this post with words.


OK, it’s Sunday morning and I feel somewhat better despite waking up every half hour or so due to coughing. Of course I took time to blow my nose many times before falling asleep again. I feel that I’ve been losing my precious bodily fluids through my nose for the past couple of days. I’m pretty sure my nose looks like W.C. Fields’ after a bender. This morning my voice gives away my condition as much as my nose does.


On the news this morning they were talking about a memorial service for two police dogs. In the story they were talking about Officer Fido and Officer Rover (not their real names…I don’t remember their real names). Maybe it is just me, but I found it strange, one might say bizarre, that they called the dogs Officer. I thought, “Do the dogs go through a swearing-in ceremony?” It turns out that they often do:

This surprised me, and now that I know this, the idea of calling them Officer doesn’t seem as strange.


I have to gert this off my chest. Mitt Romney walks funny. It isn’t like John Cleese in the Monty Python sketch, but I find myself watching for his walk in news clips. I’ve given it thought ( the things you think of when trying to fall asleep) and can best describe it as a tall man with long legs taking short steps…always…and his knees don’t bend, I think. The first word that comes to mind is mincing, but I won’t use that because it is often used to describe one who is gay, and I don’t believe that he is…I mean, five sons. I might be more inclined to vote for him if he was gay.

I also think of Max Showalter in the movie Niagara, you know, the one with Marilyn Monroe. I couldn’t tell you the plot of the movie, it has been too long since I saw it, but I remember watching him walk in the movie. My memory sees him walk with unbent knees and arms swinging, straight, no elbow bend. Maybe the loose clothing hid the bends at the joints. I hope that was it, otherwise he looked like an automaton.

I’m glad I got that off my chest.