Day 222

Still another house

I can’t say that I like the color of the house, but I have seen worse. I particularly like the wraparound porch.


I bought myself a gift on Amazon yesterday. It is a DVD of a Pete Seeger concert filmed for television in Melbourne, Australia in 1963. I opted for the snail mail delivery, but for some happy reason they sent it by UPS. It was on the door mat when I came back from Payless this evening. Now I have to decide whether to watch it tonight on the 323″ tv in the bedroom, or wait until tomorrow and watch it on the 43″ tv in the family room. I’m torn…part of me is ready now, but part of me wants the anticipation to build. I can’t decide.

Another exciting aspect of this DVD is that it is labeled as a Folk Icons DVD. This is the same company that issued the excellent Jazz Icons DVDs. I hope this means that there will be other folk music DVDs to follow. I’ll be checking their website as soon as I finish this post.


The bad news is that I think I’m catching a cold. My nose had been dripping all day, and in the past few hours I’ve developed a sore throat. It looks like it is going to be a NyQuil night.


I’ve decided that I am becoming to caught up in the presidential election this year. I have been letting the Facebook “likes” of my friends, family, and acquaintances spur me into posting and sharing things that reflect my feelings. Why am I doing that? I know that I won’t be able to convince anyone to my way of thinking. At the worst I could alienate some people. I’m not worried about alienating true friends because we my friendships are not based on ideology. I guess I do it because a person has to stand up for those things he or she values. OK, that it explains it to me.