Day 221

Talk about ugly

My good friend mary thinks that this chalk dog could be worth a lot of money. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Perhaps if it were in pristine condition it would be worth something, but with all of the chips and scrapes on it, not to mention that it is god-awful ugly, I doubt if we could give it away. But Mary has convinced Cindy that I should research it on the Internet to determine its worth. Hurray for me.


This morning I went back to 60’s, musically, and listened to The Byrds and The Doors, two of my favorite groups. It seemed appropriate because I have finally finished reading Boom! by Tom Brokaw. Perhaps…no, probably…no, definitely…it’s because I’m a boomer, but I think this is a great book. I’ve been working on it, off and on, for a few months now. Every section of the book, whether it is dealing with the Vietnam war, the civil rights movement, the culture, or the women’s movement brought back memories as well as emotions. Brokaw ensured that people from different sides of the issues had a voice in the book. I recommend the book to everyone who is interested in history. 

What’s next on my reading list? I’m going to go back and finish two other books that I started but didn’t finish, one fiction and one biography. The fiction is “The Zebra Striped Hearse” which is a Lew Archer mystery by Ross Macdonald, and the biography is “traitor To His Class” which is a biography of FDR written by H.W. Brands.


While enjoying my trip back through time, musically, today, I have an urge to dig out my Riders In The Sky vinyl albums so I can convert them to MP3. I started my search for them today, but haven’t come across them yet (they are in the basement and searching there doesn’t appeal to me). While looking upstairs for them I came across my Fleetwood Mac, Maria Muldaur, Don Mclean, Janis Ian, and Weavers albums…I also hanker to convert those albums. Decisions don’t come easy to me. I wish I had found the Riders’ albums first thing. Life would be easier.