Day 217

Tate & Lyle adding to the overcast

Today’s confession is that I hadn’t planned to go out to take a picture this morning. However, when I went down to get coffee this morning I found Mason sleeping on the family room floor. That meant I would be going out for donuts. So, I took the camera and with it I took this picture. It isn’t as sharp as I would like, but it serves the purpose.


It is September and that means, among other things, that I have an almost unquenchable urge to buy new clothes. when I was a lad, the school year didn’t start until after Labor Day and that was the time of year that new clothes were purchased. I haven’t gotten over that feeling. The only year I can remember not buying new clothes in September was 1969. I was in basic training that year and couldn’t go anywhere to buy clothes. Now that I think about it, tomorrow is my forty-third anniversary of going into the Army. How should I celebrate? Forty-three years since I took the South Shore to Chicago, and then later I took my first real airplane flight to Louisiana, after my first airport delay. After sitting on the plane for an hour we had to disembark and get on a different plane. The first plane had mechanical problems. Welcome to the wonderful world of flying.


Awkward transition: When you daydream, are the dreams about your current life, or past life, or a life that you would like to experience? My answer is yes. To be honest, I spend more time daydreaming about the past and a life I would like to experience, and very little about my current life. I was thinking about this last night…alright, I was daydreaming about it last night…and realized that my daydreams are often out of season. In other words, in the summer I will daydream about events that take place in the autumn or winter, or that in the winter I daydream about events that happen in the spring  or summer. Is that an indication that I am seldom content in the present? I don’t know. I do know that last night I was daydreaming about taking a leisurely walk in the neighborhood on a brisk autumn night. Then the image started flashing back and forth with me wearing my pea coat, then my IU jacket, and then in a variety of other jackets. I guess I want to buy a new jacket because it is September.