Day 216

Have you seen this structure before?

I’ve reached a point where I don’t remember if I’ve posted a picture of this place before. Nor do I have the patience to scroll back through 200+ posts to check. So today I took the picture and ran it through my Paint Shop Pro software to brighten the picture (it is really gloomy here today) and to grayscale the image. Now it reminds me of a dust bowl photo with newer equipment. I like the picture enough that I may play around with it some more and see what happens.


Yesterday I downloaded a free cd from It was titled In Celebration: 25 Years of Naxos. It is a collection of vocal music and chamber music, and today is a great day to listen to it. I burned a cd and put it on in the bedroom shortly after the rain from Isaac started to fall. I mentioned earlier that it was gloomy when I went out earlier this morning; it became gloomier. The weather, the music, a burning candle…I loved it. It almost felt like I was in a medieval cathedral and that the castrati were singing. dark yet ethereal. quite the combination.

Castrati, for the most part, became that way prior to puberty. My question is, could anyone that young make an informed decision? I’m guessing they were not asked. The practice was made illegal in Italy in 1870. I did a quick google on the subject and saw that there is an article titled “Why Castrati Made Better Lovers.”  I haven’t read it, and don’t know that I will. I feel a sense of loss just contemplating the subject.


Jambone. It is a word that I’ve heard somewhere, but I don’t know where or in what context. I don’t know why it popped into my head a few minutes ago, but it did. When I checked it out on Google, I found this: a lone euchre hand that is played with the bidder’s cards exposed on the table. I have played euchre since college, but have never heard of this, nor have I ever seen play with the bidder’s hand exposed. It must be a different version of the game. I looked in my college dictionary, but it wasn’t in there. I’ve learned something new today…as we all should.