Day 208

Sara & Charlie having a good time

I took this picture of Sara and Charlie in the restaurant before going to see Kevin Burke’s one-man show Defending The Caveman. We all enjoyed the show. To quote Sara, “Hit the nail on the head.” I’m not sure if she was talking about the entire show or just the line, “All men are assholes.” When I asked Cindy for a quote she said, “Pretty?” OK, you had to see the show to understand that one. Also from the show was Charlie’s reference, “They think you’re hiding something from them.” My quote would be, surprise, much longer because I am no longer the king of brevity. I will say that the show is very good and would appeal to most adults who are in, or have been in,  a relationship. I say “must” and “adult” because the F-bomb is dropped a few times, and sex, is the focus of some of the stories. I found none of it offensive, but I’m tolerant. In many ways I’m tolerant.


This morning Sara mentioned that she was going to launder her bedding because she had gotten mustard on them. I told her that I didn’t want to hear the details. Her response was, “Hot dog and mustard – put it together.” TMI, TMI. She seemed surprised when I told her it was going into my blog post.


Here’s the thing: I planned on finishing one book and getting at least halfway through another while here in Las Vegas. I don’t gamble as the others do, so I figured I would have a lot of time on my hands. Instead, I don’t think I’ve read more than 150 pages. What have I been doing? Not much is the answer. The first few days I spent a lot of time listening to music, undisturbed, for hours on end. And then I spent more time working on Crossword puzzles. The newspaper here publishes three puzzles per day. I like this paper. Going back to the music, I was listening to my MP3 player a little while ago, and heard Bob Gibson singing This Train, which is good for Vegas because one of the verses goes, “This train don’t carry no gamblers, this train. This train don’t carry no gamblers, this train, This train don’t carry no gamblers, no crap shooters, no midnight ramblers. This train don’t carry no gamblers, this train.

Day 207

Sin City keeps on growing

This building is going up just down the street from us. It may be part of this time share complex.


Cindy and I went to see The Bourne Legacy yesterday. We both enjoyed it. I liked it enough to decide already that I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out. Why did we like it? I can’t speak for Cindy, but I liked it for the combination of action and emotion. Matt Damon was fine in the Bourne trilogy, but his character lost most of his humanity and emotion when his girlfriend was killed in the opening scenes of the second film. Edward Norton makes a great heavy, and Rachel Weisz was excellent as the fighting damsel in distress. Let’s hope Rachel doesn’t get killed off in any subsequent movies.


Cindy is still feeling good about winning a Texas Hold’em tournament the other day. She seems to take great glee in relating how she knocked all of the men out of competition. She may play again before we leave.


Cindy likes her toast practically black, so it was no surprise when the smoke detector went off yesterday. I prefer my toast barely golden. At home I go through phases where I turn the heating time down, but for the most part I merely peer into the toaster and manually pop up the bread when it suits me. I have to say I enjoyed it yesterday when the smoke detector went off.


Cindy, Charlie and I took the bus to a grocery store in order to pick up a few things. It took a while to find the correct bus. In fact, we caught a north \bound bus when we were looking for a south bound bus. It was good, though, because this bus trip took us to a grocery store on the northbound route, and the driver felt so sorry for us hicks, that she let us ride for free.

Coming back we jay walked across a six lane street and stood in the sun for thirty or forty minutes while we waited. I didn’t feel very good after  the wait, but I’m OK now.

Tomorrow I’ll have a review of the show we’re going to tomorrow.

Day 206

At Bellagio

This is a photo from the Bellagio fountain show. The tune that was playing was Hey, Big Spender. We walked there from Excalibur, just under a mile as the crow flies. There are crows in Las Vegas; I saw one u\yesterday. If you’ve been to Vegas, you know that there is no straight line walking route on the strip.

We went to a show at Excalibur last night. We saw The Australian Bee Gees. They are a tribute band (surprise!) who perform Bee Gees tunes, try to look like the Bee Gees, call themselves by Bee Gees names, and try to sound like the Bee Gees. It’s hard for me to say how good they are because I’m not a big Bee Gees fan. Who do I think I’m kidding? Of course I’ll tell you how good they are…they are OK.

The show started with the instruments, mainly the percussion, overpowering the vocals. I’m pretty sure that was purposeful in order to keep the audience (more about the audience later) from noticing how dissimilar the groups voices were from the original’s. As the show went on, the music was toned down on the percussion and up on the voices. You gradually get used to the voices that way.


Let me digress for a couple of sentences. The idea of watching a tribute band made me think of the Dylan Schaffer mysteries Misdemeanor Man and I Right The Wrongs . The protagonist is a small time lawyer who fronts a Barry Manilow tribute band. I recommend these books, and hope Mr. Shaffer continues the series.


Back to the show. I mentioned that I am not a Bee Gees fan, but I will admit to liking their ballads. However, I will never forgive them for contributing to disco (the music that tried to kill all other legitimate music).

Let me comment on the audience. The people behind me, over my right shoulder, yelled and laughed loud enough to drown out the drummer. I did not like them. Nor did I like the gent behind me who, when we stood up (the band requested that we stand during the last song (which is a cheap way to get  a standing ovation), this guy shoved my chair into the back of my knees so that he would have more room to bust his old man disco moves. He almost knocked me down.

One last thing about the band. Why did the drummer have a plexiglass barrier in front of him. Was he really afraid the crowd would start throwing beer bottles at him?


So we walked from Excalibur to Bellagio to see the water fountain show, and from there to the Mirage, another .6 mile as the proverbial crow flies., to see the dolphin show. After wending our way through the casino to get to the dolphins, we found that the dolphins only work from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. They must be unionized.

From there we took a taxi back to the timeshare where I collapsed for the night.

Day 205

At the Fremont Street Experience

We went to the Fremont Street Experience last night. I enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind going back some time to experience it at a more leisurely pace. I felt like we kept moving when a more contemplative approach would have suited me better. Next time.

I noted, not for the first time, that the recorded voice in the elevator in our building leaves subtle clues as to how they want you to feel. When starting from the ground floor you push the button for your floor and the woman’s voice says, “Going up,” with a rising inflection. The voice almost sounds perky. When you push a button to descend, the voice says, “Going down,” with a lowered inflection. The voice is almost sombre. It’s as if they want you to stay in your room.

I’ve been taking short walks in the morning before it gets too hot for much movement. When I went out today I came across a white-haired guy practicing his guitar. He wasn’t just practicing the music, he was also working on his stage moves, such as moving laterally while energetically strumming, or raising the guitar neck while leaning backwards and cocking one leg upward. I should have taken a picture or a video.

Yesterday a good friend of mine, Kathryn, celebrated her birthday. I hope she had a great day. She is a sweet kid…make that a sweet young adult. Today another good friend, Sara, is celebrating her birthday. She is 62 today, and claims she will stay that way for another three years…not as long as I have a blog.

I’m having trouble keeping mu blood glucose levels down this week. I’ll lay the blame on not cooking my own food. I can’t control how food is prepared when we dine out. I guess I’ll be ordering more salads. That will be good for me.

Day 204

What we missed

We didn’t see The Kingston Trio last night, their last night in town. I would have enjoyed seeing them, but no one else seemed interested in going to the show, and I would have missed an opportunity to spend time with Michelle and Lee. I like them too much to miss out on that. Maybe some other time, some other place.


My plan, for now, is to use two sessions a day in draft mode to attach a photo and enter text for the blog post. In addition, I’ll have written some of the text in advance. Right now I’m entering text that I have written on a yellow legal pad. Doing things this way should speed my keyboarding efforts.

Anything that I want to relate, but don’t have time to enter will be posted in an entry when we get home. As I said, that’s my plan, for now.


Cindy, Sara and Charlie are next door at the casino, losing their money I would expect. Since I’m a poor gambler, I don’t bother going. The only thing I have ever been lucky with was betting on horse races. When I was in college, over summer breaks, I worked at Scott, Foresman & Co. One of the full-time employees would drive into La Porte and place (illegal) bets at the Lucky Cigar Store. A few of us, summer help, would have him place an occasional bet for us. I was lucky and won more than I lost.


Only in America? Probably noy. On a day when one of the top stories on the news is Missouri Se\U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment, the Las Vegas Review-Journal chose to run that story on page 6. On page 1 they have stories about how political party platforms are crafted, a robber using a samurai sword was shot by a Wendy’s associate, what happens to new baseballs, and options to save Social Security. The last story probably belongs on page one. What happened to hard news?

Day 203

The view from our room

We made it to Las Vegas with no major problems. This photo was taken from our bedroom. If I had pointed my cell phone off to the right I could have had a great shot of a typical Las Vegas parking lot. That wouldn’t have been as photogenic.

Nothing noteworthy happened until we got to the airport; and not much happened there. I thought it was humorous when, while going through security, one of the security people queried loudly, “Who has the black bag?” The answer, of course, was that 80% of the people there had a black bag.

We stopped to eat breakfast before going to our gate. When we walked in there was music playing and I thought I recognized it. It sounded like Bob Dylan playing the harmonica. Then I realized that it was Desolation Row and I hoped it wasn’t a portent of what the rest of the day would be. It wasn’t.

I had logged on and printed our boarding passes 24 hours before the flight so that we could board ahead of most of the other passengers, but because we stopped to eat, we were late getting to the gate and boarded after just about everybody else. As a result we couldn’t get seats that were together. I ended up, luckily, sitting between to African-American ladies. They were pleasant and did not want to talk…my kind of people.

I was going to relate more about the flight but the PCs here turn themselves off after 15 minutes, and I’m a slow typist. More tomorrow.

Day 202

Standing ready

Yesterday we drove past many places that were photo-worthy, but I didn’t go back today because I don’t want to put more gas in the car until we get back from vacation. I’m hoping the price of gas will have dropped by then…but I’m not holding my breath. I don’t know why idle heavy equipment strikes me as being photo-worthy, but it does.


Some of the news headlines that have passed across the bottom of my television screen this past week have seemed like a waste of space to me. Neither do they seem important enough to pass on as a major story. Here are a few of them: The Olympic flag arrived in Rio de Janeiro; A seventeen foot Burmese python was found in Florida; and Kenny G filed for divorce. At least I think that last one is accurate. I put a note on my smart phone about it, but I wasn’t wearing my glasses and the note reads “Jenny G divorce.” Still, my memory seems to think it was Kenny G.

I’m never quite sure about my memories. Are they real or false? I know of one instance of having a false memory concerning a vacation and a record album. I was talking to Cindy about this a few days ago, when I was relating a memory of my dad that I’m not sure if it was a true memory or false. It concerns a time when we were still living in Rolling Prairie in the house we rented from Nedra Dudley. I was five or six years old and playing outside with Bob Manzuk. A man driving a horse-drawn wagon stopped the wagon in front of our house, got off the wagon, and walked up the street. Bob and I were, of course, excited to see a horse so we walked up to it. Just as we were about to pet the animal I heard my dad shout. He was leaning out of an upstairs window, he had shaving cream on hs face, and he said, “If you touch that horse I’ll give you a larruping you won’t forget.” Now that doesn’t sound like something my dad would say, except he would use the term larruping. I don’t know if it is a true memory or something I dreamt.