Day 215

A reflection of my mood

Yes, my mood has been deflating today, and the tire is just part of the reason. I’ll explain later in the post.


Yesterday, at least I think it was yesterday, I mentioned that Cindy and I both wanted to see the new Clint Eastwood film. Today I’m not so sure. I didn’t watch the RNC convention last night, so I missed Mr. Eastwood’s efforts in front of the camera. Unfortunately I saw clips of his performance this morning. I’ve concluded that he needs to stick to a script, and that the Romney campaign staff should have had a go/no go call on his star turn. I know that people will say he was just trying to be funny, but he wasn’t. He was rude, crude and something else that rhymes with crude. I like humor, so I’ll be watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert tonight to get their take, they are professionals and are paid to be funny. Oh, and he should have combed his hair.


My day, and welcome to it…for the most part. Let’s see…my instant oatmeal splattered all over the inside of the microwave, I got a call from a credit card company representative who said they had not received the payment I made a week ago, the price of gas hit $4 today, and I forgot to take my camera with me when I went out to run errands this morning.

Of those things, the call from the card rep bothered me the most. I had paid from our bank website while we were in Vegas, and they should have received payment before we came home; also I paid four other bills that same day…did they all not get to their destination? I checked the bank’s website and saw that all payments had been made, but I was still worried. Then this afternoon, in the mail, I got a new bill from our insurance carrier and noted that they had credited our account for a payment. That was one of the other payees from that day in Vegas. I feel better now. I guess I had better put some air in that tire.

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