Day 213

The picture I wanted yesterday

I went back today to get this photo that I wanted to use yesterday but had so much trouble getting. Today, no problem.I took pictures of two other barns as well. They will show up on my Facebook page sometime in the future.

I’m struggling to find things to say in today’s post. I am afraid you’ll have to bear with me because I expect there will be no unifying theme.


There is a new study that says that binge drinking college students are happier with their social life than their sober counterparts. I haven’t read the study, but my first reaction was that unless they are sad drunks or mean drunks, they are probably happy about everything…until they pass out. The study also noted that students in higher social classes were more likely to binge drink. Maybe they can afford more booze.


While watching tv a few days ago in Vegas I saw an ad for the new Miller Lite punch top can. When I googled it today I found an article in an online magazine, out of Milwaukee, where they seem surprised that the concept of a second hole in the top increases airflow and easier pouring. The writer must be too young to remember church keys. I think I still have one lying around somewhere. Geezer pack rats keep things like that.


One of my Father’s day gifts was a collection of mystery movies. I’ve been watching them off and on for a few weeks now. The first disc in the collection has six Bulldog Drummond movies that were made in the 1930’s. I have enjoyed them, mainly because I remember seeing a lot of movies from that era on television when I was growing up. When you had black-and-white tv it didn’t matter if the movies were in color or not. Anyway, the problem I have with the disc is that the movies are not in sequence. The second movie on the disc is the first sequentially. Why did they do that? If I had been in charge…