The back porch needs new shingles

I hope you don’t think that this was my first choice for today’s photo. Things started going wrong shortly after I posted Day 211 this morning. Let me tell you about it.

I was ready to go out in search of a photo for today’s post, but realized that I hadn’t eaten anything yet. I had to eat something when I took my pills, and I needed to take my pills. I wanted something fast, so I settled on bread and butter. I ate half, took my pills, ate the other half and took a swig of coffee. Have you ever had to cough when there was food and/or drink in your mouth? I did. I didn’t want to spew coffee out my mouth, so I kept it closed. The cough sprayed out my nose, that made me open my mouth, and I coughed up some well chewed bread and butter.

After I changed my clothes I gathered my camera and went in search of a photo. I drove down a few country roads before I came upon an old photo-worthy barn. I got out of the car, prepared to take the picture, and the camera gave me message that the battery charge was too low. So I got back in the car where I remembered that I had my cell phone. Rather than get back out of the car I pointed my phone out of the window towards the barn and took the picture. 

I drove home and took a look at the picture. I was disappointed in myself because I couldn’t use the picture I had taken. Evidently I had moved my hand when I took the picture, because all I had was a picture of a cloudless blue sky. I had used it, all you would have seen is a blue rectangle.

I put new batteries in the camera and went onto the back deck hoping to get a photo of birds at the feeder. Of course they never came to the feeder. So I looked around and noticed how bad the roof to the back porch looked. That’s the picture I used. 

I came inside to upload the photo and the PC didn’t recognize the camera when I connected it. Well, of course! I ended up rebooting the PC before I could upload. Finally!


Now I’m going to get back to working on the list of things I promised people when I was in Las Vegas. I’ve already downloaded a BeeGees album for Sara and burned it to a cd. I’ve copied two home DVDs for Michelle, but I’m not ready to mail them yet. I still have to put together a short list of books that I’m recommending to Kyle, and I need to do some research for Michelle. Then I can start having fun.