Day 211

The finches really like this food

So here’s the thing. I started this post yesterday, saved my draft, and left to do something else, never mind what. Then I forgot to finish and post it…I forgot completely. I don’t know why. Anyway, here it is.

I filled this feeder with four cups of thistle seed the day before we left for Las Vegas. The finches have been busy.


If you read yesterday’s post and it was only 1 paragraph long, go back, I updated it with more Las Vegas entries.


We got to the airport in Vegas in plenty of time on Sunday. We breezed through security. At least Cindy and I did. Sara and Charlie got the potential terrorist once over. Charlie probably got it because he was with Sara. We had time to sit around and wait for the plane.

Cindy and I sat down and started to talk, and watched Sara and Charlie walk past us and sit in a different row of seats. Cindy said, Let’s sit with them,” ignoring the fact that they obviously didn’t want to sit with us…she can be so oblivious. But I moved with her. I pulled out my book and started to read while Cindy chatted with Sara and Charlie. Cindy, of course, also started to stare at the people around us.Across from Charlie was a woman whose hair was dyed jet black. I was concentrating on my book and lost track of what was happening, but at some point Cindy asked the woman a question. And so it began.

The dike broke and the verbal flood began. The woman with jet black hair had excellent breath control because she barely paused to inhale or exhale. In the few seconds that I listened, I heard that she was a widow, she had spent the past couple of months going back and forth between Indianapolis and Las Vegas, and that her children didn’t approve of her new lifestyle. I went back to my book.

Cindy went to the ladies room, in part to get away from th verbal assault. I leaned over and told Sara that the woman with jet black hair was an example of why I don’t make eye contact with strangers. I once spent 14 hours with a self-described paranoid schizophrenic and learned that encouragement is not needed to keep one going (maybe I’ll relate that story someday). I put away my book and took out my smart phone to check email. Cindy came back and I realized the woman was talking to Charlie. I concentrated on what I was doing.

The next thing I know is that I am sitting alone. Cindy, Sara and Charlie had all decamped and left me siting there with a crazy woman looking around for someone to talk to. I had lost all the bars in my cell phone but continued to stare at it while it tried to load Facebook. I’d be damned if I would look in the direction of the machine mouth. Finally she moved over two seats and started talking to some startled women who were waiting for their spouses’ to return. Before I blocked it out I saw the woman with jet black hair show her watch to the woman closest to her and tell her it was a Rolex that she had bought for herself, that her daughter disapproved of the purchase, that she never took it off even though it scraped her arm when she slept with it on, that she had been eating at Red Lobster and had probably been drinking too much because she remembered eating and then waking up in a hospital handcuffed to the bed and a policeman trying to remove the watch. That I certainly the type of story I would force onto a complete stranger.

Cindy returned to sit beside me, but had no idea where Sara and Charlie (the cowards) had moved to. A few minutes later Cindy felt a tap on her shoulder, turned around to look and saw them cowering in chairs behind us. But we were able to board the plane without incident…except Sara, Charlie and Cindy had to open their drinks so the security people could verify that they weren’t explosive. We boarded the plane before the lady with jet black hair, it was open seating, and Charlie was afraid she would seek them out and set beside them. He coerced someone to set beside him before she could work her way back to us. We got back to Indy, Trina picked us up, and our excellent adventure ended.

So that’s what happened, and now I need to go out and find a photo for the Day 212 post. I’ll be adding that later today…unless I forget.

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