Day 209

Sara, still celebrating her birthday

Sara loves having her picture taken. Wait ’til she sees the video Lee took with his phone. The four of us had dinner at Lindo’s last night with Michelle, Lee, Kyle, Steve and Elaine. They have great food, and I like to try different things when we go there. Last night I had Pollo Rebecca, which was chicken, cactus, jalapeno peppers, cilantro and other things with sides of refried beans, rice and guacamole. It was an excellent choice on my part. I have never eaten cactus before and I found that I like it. Finding it in Lafayette may be a problem, but I plan on looking for it.


I’ve been composing these posts the past few days by putting on my headphones, turning on the music, and sweating over my yellow legal pad. I had to take a break for a few minutes this morning while listening to Gatemouth Brown and Roy Clark perform The Drifter and Don Edwards do Down By The Brazos. Many years ago I watched Gatemouth and Roy perform this song on Austin City Limits. They put out one album together and I wish they had done more together.

The Don Edwards song made me think of The Weavers’ version which was the first time I had heard the song. I think I like it best,

Now playing is The Eagles’ New York Minute. Great song! “And he won’t be down on Wall Street in the morning.” I have had flashes of those feelings over the years, but reality – my reality – wouldn’t allow it. The closest I’ve come to it was by retiring at the earliest possible moment. Thanks to Ed Henze for hurrying that process along.

Right now there are three people on tour whose concerts I would like to see, Bonnie Raitt – David Bromberg – and Diana Krall. If they ever come to the Lafayette area I’ll be trying to get tickets. What are the odds?


Tonight we have dinner at Steve and Elaine’s. Lee tells us that Elaine is a great cook so I’, looking forward to it. I’ve pretty much written off trying to keep my blood sugar under control this week. I could make excuses, but it’s because I put myself in situations where I eat too many things that I shouldn’t be consuming. Mea culpa.

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