Day 207

Sin City keeps on growing

This building is going up just down the street from us. It may be part of this time share complex.


Cindy and I went to see The Bourne Legacy yesterday. We both enjoyed it. I liked it enough to decide already that I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out. Why did we like it? I can’t speak for Cindy, but I liked it for the combination of action and emotion. Matt Damon was fine in the Bourne trilogy, but his character lost most of his humanity and emotion when his girlfriend was killed in the opening scenes of the second film. Edward Norton makes a great heavy, and Rachel Weisz was excellent as the fighting damsel in distress. Let’s hope Rachel doesn’t get killed off in any subsequent movies.


Cindy is still feeling good about winning a Texas Hold’em tournament the other day. She seems to take great glee in relating how she knocked all of the men out of competition. She may play again before we leave.


Cindy likes her toast practically black, so it was no surprise when the smoke detector went off yesterday. I prefer my toast barely golden. At home I go through phases where I turn the heating time down, but for the most part I merely peer into the toaster and manually pop up the bread when it suits me. I have to say I enjoyed it yesterday when the smoke detector went off.


Cindy, Charlie and I took the bus to a grocery store in order to pick up a few things. It took a while to find the correct bus. In fact, we caught a north \bound bus when we were looking for a south bound bus. It was good, though, because this bus trip took us to a grocery store on the northbound route, and the driver felt so sorry for us hicks, that she let us ride for free.

Coming back we jay walked across a six lane street and stood in the sun for thirty or forty minutes while we waited. I didn’t feel very good after  the wait, but I’m OK now.

Tomorrow I’ll have a review of the show we’re going to tomorrow.