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At Bellagio

This is a photo from the Bellagio fountain show. The tune that was playing was Hey, Big Spender. We walked there from Excalibur, just under a mile as the crow flies. There are crows in Las Vegas; I saw one u\yesterday. If you’ve been to Vegas, you know that there is no straight line walking route on the strip.

We went to a show at Excalibur last night. We saw The Australian Bee Gees. They are a tribute band (surprise!) who perform Bee Gees tunes, try to look like the Bee Gees, call themselves by Bee Gees names, and try to sound like the Bee Gees. It’s hard for me to say how good they are because I’m not a big Bee Gees fan. Who do I think I’m kidding? Of course I’ll tell you how good they are…they are OK.

The show started with the instruments, mainly the percussion, overpowering the vocals. I’m pretty sure that was purposeful in order to keep the audience (more about the audience later) from noticing how dissimilar the groups voices were from the original’s. As the show went on, the music was toned down on the percussion and up on the voices. You gradually get used to the voices that way.


Let me digress for a couple of sentences. The idea of watching a tribute band made me think of the Dylan Schaffer mysteries Misdemeanor Man and I Right The Wrongs . The protagonist is a small time lawyer who fronts a Barry Manilow tribute band. I recommend these books, and hope Mr. Shaffer continues the series.


Back to the show. I mentioned that I am not a Bee Gees fan, but I will admit to liking their ballads. However, I will never forgive them for contributing to disco (the music that tried to kill all other legitimate music).

Let me comment on the audience. The people behind me, over my right shoulder, yelled and laughed loud enough to drown out the drummer. I did not like them. Nor did I like the gent behind me who, when we stood up (the band requested that we stand during the last song (which is a cheap way to get  a standing ovation), this guy shoved my chair into the back of my knees so that he would have more room to bust his old man disco moves. He almost knocked me down.

One last thing about the band. Why did the drummer have a plexiglass barrier in front of him. Was he really afraid the crowd would start throwing beer bottles at him?


So we walked from Excalibur to Bellagio to see the water fountain show, and from there to the Mirage, another .6 mile as the proverbial crow flies., to see the dolphin show. After wending our way through the casino to get to the dolphins, we found that the dolphins only work from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. They must be unionized.

From there we took a taxi back to the timeshare where I collapsed for the night.