Day 204

What we missed

We didn’t see The Kingston Trio last night, their last night in town. I would have enjoyed seeing them, but no one else seemed interested in going to the show, and I would have missed an opportunity to spend time with Michelle and Lee. I like them too much to miss out on that. Maybe some other time, some other place.


My plan, for now, is to use two sessions a day in draft mode to attach a photo and enter text for the blog post. In addition, I’ll have written some of the text in advance. Right now I’m entering text that I have written on a yellow legal pad. Doing things this way should speed my keyboarding efforts.

Anything that I want to relate, but don’t have time to enter will be posted in an entry when we get home. As I said, that’s my plan, for now.


Cindy, Sara and Charlie are next door at the casino, losing their money I would expect. Since I’m a poor gambler, I don’t bother going. The only thing I have ever been lucky with was betting on horse races. When I was in college, over summer breaks, I worked at Scott, Foresman & Co. One of the full-time employees would drive into La Porte and place (illegal) bets at the Lucky Cigar Store. A few of us, summer help, would have him place an occasional bet for us. I was lucky and won more than I lost.


Only in America? Probably noy. On a day when one of the top stories on the news is Missouri Se\U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment, the Las Vegas Review-Journal chose to run that story on page 6. On page 1 they have stories about how political party platforms are crafted, a robber using a samurai sword was shot by a Wendy’s associate, what happens to new baseballs, and options to save Social Security. The last story probably belongs on page one. What happened to hard news?