Day 202

Standing ready

Yesterday we drove past many places that were photo-worthy, but I didn’t go back today because I don’t want to put more gas in the car until we get back from vacation. I’m hoping the price of gas will have dropped by then…but I’m not holding my breath. I don’t know why idle heavy equipment strikes me as being photo-worthy, but it does.


Some of the news headlines that have passed across the bottom of my television screen this past week have seemed like a waste of space to me. Neither do they seem important enough to pass on as a major story. Here are a few of them: The Olympic flag arrived in Rio de Janeiro; A seventeen foot Burmese python was found in Florida; and Kenny G filed for divorce. At least I think that last one is accurate. I put a note on my smart phone about it, but I wasn’t wearing my glasses and the note reads “Jenny G divorce.” Still, my memory seems to think it was Kenny G.

I’m never quite sure about my memories. Are they real or false? I know of one instance of having a false memory concerning a vacation and a record album. I was talking to Cindy about this a few days ago, when I was relating a memory of my dad that I’m not sure if it was a true memory or false. It concerns a time when we were still living in Rolling Prairie in the house we rented from Nedra Dudley. I was five or six years old and playing outside with Bob Manzuk. A man driving a horse-drawn wagon stopped the wagon in front of our house, got off the wagon, and walked up the street. Bob and I were, of course, excited to see a horse so we walked up to it. Just as we were about to pet the animal I heard my dad shout. He was leaning out of an upstairs window, he had shaving cream on hs face, and he said, “If you touch that horse I’ll give you a larruping you won’t forget.” Now that doesn’t sound like something my dad would say, except he would use the term larruping. I don’t know if it is a true memory or something I dreamt.