A nice, simple house

Cindy would never want to live in this house, but it appeals to me. I am not saying that I want to move, but if I had to, and if this place was available, and if I could afford it, and…and…and…


I’ve been watching music videos the past two days. Yesterday I watched the Buddy Rich Jazz Icons video. It’s from a concert he and his big band performed at the North Sea jazz Festival in Holland in 1978. It is an excellent concert DVD. The music is exceptional and the camera work is very good. This morning I started watching the Dexter Gordon Jazz Icons DVD. This DVD is taken from television programming in Holland, Switzerland and Belgium in 1963 and 1964. The picture is in black and white, but that doesn;t detract from the music at all.

I had read about the Jazz Icons series of DVDs and about how good they were. When I found out that our local library had some of the DVDs I decided to check them out…two different ways. I started with the Dave Brubeck Quartet Jazz Icons and loved it immediately. I went online and bought a copy. Then I started picking up other from the series. I now own Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, Wes Montgomery, Dexter Gordan, Charles Mingus, and Sarah Vaughan. I wan to get Thelonius Monk and Count Basie as well, so if anyone wants to know a good gift for my birthday…

This morning I also watched the beginning of the DVD Linda Ronstadt: Live In Germany 1976 and loved it all over again. I think the music from that period of her career was the best, though I don’t believe she has ever had a bad period in her career. There is music from my two favorite studio albums, Heart Like A Wheel and Hasten Down The Wind. I’m trying to decide if I should pack any of my concert DVDs and take them on vacation with me.