I’m glad I found these before running over them with the lawn mower

Three of the four implements of destruction shown here were laying in the weeds where I was about to mow. I’m glad I found them before running over them. You can probably tell that the rake was upright against the fence. I stripped most of the climbing vine from it before I realized what a good picture that would make.


I received a text message from AT&T this morning telling me that there was an upgrade to my android cell phone’s software and that I should download the upgrade. I thought that downloading the upgrade was a good idea, and set about doing so. Doing so was more difficult than I had anticipated.

 First I had to remember where to go on my cell phone to get the update. After some trial and error I tried the settings file. There it was, AT&T Software Update. And from there I had one option, Check for Update. I did so. That’s when the whole idea of updating became iffy.

 I got a message that said I could make a WiFi connection to download, or I could go to a website to download. Since we don’t have WiFi in the house, I chose to go to the website. So, I made a USB connection from my phone to the PC, and then went to the website. I checked for downloads and found that there were two available. One would download the upgrade I was looking for and the second would allow me to sync my phone to the PC. Both sounded like good ideas. I decided to download the upgrade first.

 I started the download process, but stopped abruptly when I saw a message that stated that if I downloaded the upgrade from the PC it would erase all of my information from the cell phone. I would lose all of my contacts, pictures, etc. That didn’t seem like a good idea. I went on to read that I could save all of my personal data by using the sync software that had been my second choice. That seemed like a good idea, so I backed out of my first download attempt, and went on to the second choice.

 I started downloading the sync software, but accidentally changed the language for the screens from English to Dutch. There was no way to back out of that screen, and I couldn’t exit the download program. Well, I decided that I had done enough downloads over the years that I could fake my way through the process, and so I did, though I wasn’t sure of some of the options I chose. I figured that as long as I initiated the syncing process from my phone I would be alright. Once I finished the download I tried to sync the phone to the PC, but the phone didn’t recognize that the software was on the PC. Curses!

 I decided that if I couldn’t download from the PC I would have to get WiFi access and download through the phone. So, I removed the Sync software from the PC; it wasn’t doing me any good in Dutch anyway, and went to Barnes & Noble where I knew there was a free WiFi. Rather than spend 20+ minutes staring at my phone, I bought a magazine and coffee to keep me occupied while the phone and AT&T did their things. The magazine was about the life of Marilyn Monroe, and was culled from the files of The National Enquirer, so I knew it was next to gospel. The things I’ve learned! I believe I’ll pack it and take it on vacation with me so I can learn more. That seems like a good idea.

 To make a longer story shorter I’ll skip over my observations of the other people who were drinking coffee, reading, working on their laptops, flirting with the counter girl, and giving sage advice to their children who were going away to school (“Make your bed every day.”). You’ve all observed people like that yourselves. The download actually took about half an hour, and I was more than ready to leave when it was done. I haven’t figured out all of the changes that were made, though The process of unlocking the screen was the first thing I noticed, and I also found a new background screen that I’ve switched to. The icons seem larger and there are a few other minor changes I’ve noticed. In my haste to leave I forgot to download the sync software. I guess I’ll be going back to B&N in the near future. That seems like a good idea.