Day 197

A pretty house on a pleasant street

I feel lucky to have gotten a picture of this house, because one of the neighbors was giving me the evil eye when I stopped to take the picture. Should I be asking the owners if I may immortalize their homes?


I seldom mention clothes in my posts, but today I’m wearing a short-sleeved, striped, buttoned down shirt. I call it my Kingston Trio shirt. I have owned it for many years, and have enjoyed wearing it for all of the years. However, I have slimmed down in the pat few years, and the shirt is really too big for me now. I don’t usually have trouble giving away clothes that no longer fit, but this shirt…I believe I’ll keep it for at least another cycle of winnowing out the no-longer-needed clothes in my closet…at least until I can find another Kingston Trio shirt.


Watching the Olympics was not high on my agenda. I’ve lost interest in the games ever since the U.S. decided it was alright to send pro athletes, especially basketball players, to compete. I know that other countries had been sending professionals to what was termed amateur competition for quite a while, but that didn’t make it right. If my memory serves me right, the U.S. decided it would be alright to send professionals because our basketball team, all amateurs, were beaten by a Russian team. We couldn’t By God let that happen again! When did amateur athletics become so important? Anyway, that’s when I lost interest.


I know we need more rain, a lot more rain, to make up for the drought we have been going through. It’s too late to save much of the farmer’s crop this year. But I must say that it took very little rain to make my grass turn green and start to grow again. I might even say that for my lawn, we have had a surfeit of rain. I’ll have to cut the grass this week.I’m holding off for nearer the end of the week so that it won’t be too tall when we get back from Las Vegas.

I’ll also be doing my laundry and I’ll start packing this week. Vegas is calling, and we will be answering the call.