Day 196

It’s still there

I took this same picture yesterday, but decided to use the shot of I65 instead. However, I liked this picture enough to go back today and take it again. I’m glad I don’t live in the heart of a large city, because I wouldn’t often get the chance to take a picture like this one. Looking fr photos has taken me to places in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties where I’ve never been before.


Yesterday I took on the task of swapping the DVD player in our bedroom for the DVD/VHS player/recorder that was in the family room. It wasn’t a task I particularly wanted to do, but it led to a better utilization of resources. Let me explain the reasons I say that.

Part of Cindy’s birthday present was upgrading our cable agreement to include  DVR. When the new box was installed hey also upgraded us (at a cost of course) to High Definition. That meant changing the hookup from the cable to the box and from the box to the TV. When that happened, the recorder function for the DVD and VCR was cut out of the loop with no way to reinstate that functionality; at least in no way that I could figure out. Now, you may ask, why do I need a VCR player in this day and age? Well, it is because this recorder allows you to dub VHS tapes to a DVD, as well as allowing you record directly from the TV. It doesn’t allow recording from HBO or other “premium” channels, but it does allow recording from network TV and many “on demand” programs. I’ve used it to record mini sweries’ from places like BBC America on demand. I like the feature, as well as being able to transfer from old VHS tapes to a more permanent DVD.

Getting back to the swap, after disconnecting all of the cables on both ends, I decided to hook up the DVD player in the family room first. It only took a couple of minutes because it was just a matter of plugging in a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable. No problems.

Hooking up the box in the bedroom was more of a hassle. I had been using RCA type cables to connect the cable box to the DVD player to the TV. I connected everything and found to my dismay that the TV was not recognizing the new DVD/VHS player/recorder. Why? I went back to the owner’s manual for the new box and found that there was a part missing. It had been attached to the old cable box, long gone since the new cable box was installed in March. What to do, what to do? I decided to take a chance on trying a HDMI connection from the cable box to the new player/recorder. Since I didn’t have a HDMI cable I went to Sears and bought one, 1 meter long. I came home and went to connect the two boxes where I found the cable box, an older model, had no plug space for a HDMI cable. Wonderful. And why didn’t I check that before I bought the cable? Ah, well. I wanted to try connecting the recorder/player to the TV with the HDMI cable because I knew both of those pieces of equipment had plug receptacles. The bad news was that the 1 meter cable wasn’t long enough to easily plug them together, but rather than buy a longer cable and not be sure it worked I placed the equipment back-to-back, plugged them together, and tried it out. It worked!

Back to Sears I went and bought a six-foot cable. I brough it home, arranged the equipment more esthetically, plugged it all together, and smiled. Later I hooked in the cd/radio system into the mix so that we can listen to movies in stereo. Quite satisfactory!