Day 194

Yet another barn

Do you get tired of pictures of barns? I don’t sem to. I’ve been taking pictures of barns for years now. Many of the photos I took early on were of barns that were in such bad repair that they were collapsing. I still take pictures like that, but a wooden barn that is in good repair also catches my eye. Pole barns are another matter. There is no class in a pole barn.


Today’s music is Frank Sinatra. Right now I’m listening to his The Movie Songs album. That was one of the early vinyl albums that I converted to MP3. I don’t listen to it often enough. My mother didn’t like to listen to Sinatra because of the person he was. She believed, and probably still believes, that he had ties to the mafia. She may be right, but I enjoy his music enough to let that pass. Of course, if I thought that buying his music would send my money directly to the mafia I wouldn’t buy it. I might pirate the music, but I wouldn’t buy it.

My friend Mary doesn’t like Sinatra, and I’m not sure why. She told me that she also dislikes Michael Bublé because he tries to live a life similar to Sinatra’s life. I don’t know that he really aspires to that, but perhaps he does. Still, I try to separate the person from the music.

I have better luck separating person from talent with musicians than with actors. After seeing Rod Steiger interviewed I was totally turned off on him due to his arrogance and attitude of self-importance. I’ve had similar experiences with Robert Culp and Shelley Winters. They are actors. You would think they could at least fake humility.


I’ve been trying to get pictures of the finches that come to the thistle seed bag, but I can’t get close enough. It’s obvious, but I have to point out that finches are flighty.