Day 192

I like rubble

The photo caption is not describing my feeling for Barney or Betty, but rubble in general. But now that I’ve raised the issue, I like Betty and tolerate Barney. I feel better now that I’ve cleared that up.


It took me awhile to fall asleep last night, and as I lay there my mind went off in a number of different directions. Here are a few places it wandered:

Hot August days when I was a kid.It’s probably because most things look better through the time telescope, but I used to love the hot days in August. My memory is of playing outside on hot dusty days, but of never sweating, never being overwhelmed by the humidity, and never getting dirty. I’m pretty sure my mother’s memories would be different.

CDs that have been burned for me. Friends have given me cds that they have burned for me because they want to share music with me that they like. I love them, and I have done the same to many people. Two people, Kathryn and Cleary, gave me cds when we all worked at FCPO. The cds are special to me because the very young women who burned them treated me like a real friend, not a geezer. I may not have liked all the music they shared, though I liked much more than I disliked. I don’t see the young ladies much any more, Kathryn occasionally and Cleary not at all, but I still listen to the cds they gave me, and I think of them.

 Driving my Firebird on the back roads of DeKalb County. When I first bought the Firebird, my favorite of all the cars I’ve owned, I used to go out and drive around the county roads in DeKalb county. The first day that I owned it I came home from work and immediately got in the car to go for a drive. I was out long enough that it got dark. All of a sudden a rain storm hit. I had the headlights on, thankfully, but the windshield immediately started fogging up. Of course I didn’t know where the switch was for the defogger. I was driving blind for about a mile before I got it turned on. Then it occurred to me that I should probably stop driving until I could see where I was going.

And then I drifted off to sleep.