Day 191

Picture of a brick wall

This would not have been my first choice for a picture today, but it is the only picture I took that was usable. There were two problems in taking today’s picture. 1) I forgot to take my camera when I went out today so I had to use my cell phone camera. And 2) It was so bright out that I couldn’t see anything in the screen. This photo was lucky.


It’s time for me to lay out another of my pet peeves. I am aware that as I grow older, more little things in life annoy me. Today it is the fact that people are pronouncing simple words differently than I am used to hearing them pronounced. There is one word in particular that has become a clanger to my ear, for. So many people seem to be pronouncing it as fer. It isn’t quite fur, because when pronouncing fer, the r is enunciated for a shorter length of time than when pronouncing fur. Perhaps that distinction is only something a linguist would notice, but my problem is with saying fer when you mean for.

 It doesn’t bother me so much when people I know say it, I don’t expect perfect diction in everyday speech. It truly bothers me because so many television personalities are mispronouncing the word. There! I used the word, MISPRONOUNCED! Well, I used the word mispronouncing, but why quibble? Among the offenders who bother me the most is the President of The United States of America. President Obama is on the news quite often, and he mispronounces for about two-thirds of the time. Drives me crazy…quietly.


Cindy just texted to me a photo of me that was taken many years ago. I am sitting in a chair at the recruitment center. I have a coffee cup in my hand I am bearded, and my hair is only starting to grey. She asked me if I remembered the photo. I told her that it was a handsome devil and to note the dark hair. She agreed and said it was making her horny. That’s my professional wife.