Library courtyard

I don’t spend all day every day at the library, but I go there often. In all of the years I have been going, I have never seen anyone in this courtyard. If I didn’t have a couple of excellent outdoor spots at our home, I would find out what you have to do to get out there, other than walk through the children’s section of the library.


Yesterday morning I hung a three-dimensional picture of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road that Trina, JR and the kids brought us from their vacation trip. It makes a great addition to our living/music room. The only problem was that I had to take down and re-hang five other pictures to make room for this new one. It was worth the effort. Of course, when we next paint the room we’ll have to rethink the placement of all the music related objects that we have hanging. I may lobby to put off that painting for a while.

The picture put me in a musically nostalgic mood (a location with which I’m very familiar). I put on a Three Dog Night cd and lit some strawberry incense. The album is Three Dog Night Captured Live At The Forum. I first listened to that album when I was stationed in Heidelberg. It became a favorite the first time I heard it. My problem was that I could never seem to find a vinyl copy of the album. I put the album out of my mind and never really looked for it on tape or cd. About six months ago a came across a digital version of the album on Amazon. It was only $5 so I downloaded it and have enjoyed it many times.


If you’ve read my posts before, you are aware that many of my topics are things that seem to pop randomly into my mind. Here’s another. The Johnny Fedora series of novels written by Desmond Cory (a pseudonym for Shaun McCarthy) were British spy novels, with a title character who preceded James Bond. I read my first, Undertow, in the mid 1960’s and liked it a lot. I found out later that it was the twelfth book in the series. I obviously had to do some catching up. Being slightly OCD I have a hard time reading just one book that is part of a series. You might think the name Johnny Fedora is a bit strange; I do. But one of the continuing characters in the series is his friend Sebastian Trout, and another is Jimmie Emerald. I don’t remember any of the antagonists having particularly strange names. I think I still have some of the paperbacks around here somewhere, probably in the basement. I should dig them out and reread them when I have time.