Farmhouse on a hot August day

The American farmer is still the backbone of the country…not the Wall Street Baron. But it makes me wonder since, “Corporations are people, my friend,” if Mitt Romney might choose a corporation as a running mate…as long as the incorporation happened in the U.S. thirty-five or more years ago. Of course Donald Trump might ask to see the long form birth certificate. Just wondering.


Gabby Douglas has been the darling of the sporting world, not to mention the casual quadrennial gymnastics fan, for a few days now. She certainly deserves the attention she is getting. While Gabby Giffords has not been in the headlines for a while, she too is a role model for young girls and the nation as a whole. The third Gabby I want to mention hasn’t been prominent in our eyes for a long time. Why is it we have forgotten about Gabby Hayes? Is it because his first name was not Gabrielle? Is it because he had more facial hair than the other two? Is it because he was the sidekick, not the main attraction? I don’t know, but I think it is a shame that he is not considered the third great Gabby. By the way, if you don’t know who Gabby Hayes is, you are probably too young to be reading this.


 In the past week I’ve seen two different commercials on TV where a young person released fish that they had caught. I could not tell you what either of the commercials was selling, though I think one of them was for some type of drug. I’m just surprised that in both commercials the fish are being released rather than cleaned and cooked. Is there a subtle message being espoused by the product producers or by the ad agency? Are they trying to tell us that the fish are unsafe to eat because they were caught in polluted streams? What would Opie and Andy think? I just think the ads would have had different endings if they were produced thirty years ago.