Day 186

Marlon is ready to leave the deck
I don’t own a laptop, and I don’t especially care to own one, but I have been worrying about how I was going to post a photo each day while we’re on vacation. I believe I’ve found a workaround. This morning I took this photo with my cell phone, posted it to Flickr, from there I copied it to my PC desktop, and then uploaded it to my WordPress library. It takes a little time, and I had to figure a way to copy it from Flickr (it tried to tell me that it was a copyrighted photo even though I took it and posted it there), but it works. Our timeshare has PCs I can use, so I think we’re set…this year…we plan a road trip next year.


Geico has some of the best TV commercials (if you ignore the gecko, Flo, and I hope to never see the squealing pig ever again). The other day I saw one with Gallagher. Check it out: I’m guessing that if I mentioned Gallagher to my grandchildren, none of them would know who I was talking about. Well, Macey might, she’s old enough, but the younger kids would probably have blank looks on their faces. That’s OK. If I mentioned Ed Wynn to Trina she would probably not know who he was.


I actively collected comic books for many years. I stopped collecting, for the most part, a year or so after we got married.  The cost had started to increase rapidly and the money was needed elsewhere. I’ve kept most of the comics, and over the years I have been bagging them and cataloging them into a database. I have boxes of them, along with some file cabinets, in the basement. I also have a large number of comics in the library/computer room (where I am now) that are here waiting to be cataloged. It is no secret that I hide.

Now that you know about all that, you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago Mason, my grandson, came to me and asked, “Pa, do you collect comic books?” I confessed that I used to buy and read them, but that I hadn’t bought many in the past few years. I said that I had no current comics, so he probably wouldn’t be interested in them. He told me that, no,  he liked the classic comics. Hmm. I may have to rethink who I’ll give them to if I don’t sell them.